When you order your ticket(s), you are obliged to agree with the general terms and conditions of Dreamfields México as stated below. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you will not be able to buy a ticket. Please read the general terms and conditions.


Saturday, 17 th of November 2018 12 :00h – 0 3 :00h Sunday, 18th of November 2018 12:00h – 24 :00h


All persons entering Dreamfields México or any other WE I N T E R N A T I O N A L B.V. festival, must review these regulations and accept and comply with the conditions. If the following terms will not be followed, access to the festival will be denied without refunding the entrance fee.


In no event shall WE I N T E R N A T I O N A L B.V. nor any other organizer of Dreamfields México be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential damages or any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, damages for loss, theft nor any other accident. All ticket holders/visitors of the festival enter the festival at their own risk, releasing the organizer from any liability including theft , accidents and damages.


The minimum age for ent ry to the festival on Saturday 17 th and Sunday 18 th of November 2018 is 18 years. The organizer reserves the right to check the identity of all those who attend the festival. Visitors must be able to show a valid ID up request by a staff member/security/crew at the entrance or anywhere else on the festival grounds. Access to Dreamfields México can be denied, without any refund of the entrance fee, to those who are unable to show a valid ID upon request. International identity cards, drivers’ licenses and passports are valid IDs. Copies will not be accepted. All ticket holders can be subj ect to voluntary superficial search upon entry. Ticket holders that refuse search and/or carry items that are not allowed according to the terms and conditions can be permanently banned from the festival site. The security reserves the right to confiscate illegal objects. The organization reserves the right to record all visitors (both on film and on audiotape) for safety and promotional uses.


Upon arrival at the entrance of the festival site, every visitor must be in possession of a va lid Dreamfields México ticket or special admission issued by the organizer. Every visitor requires a unique ticket and will only be valid for the dates as indicated on the ticket. A ticket is personal, non – refundable, non – replaceable and nontransferable to other visitors. If a visitor has purchased a day ticket and wishes to leave the festival site, the visitor will be requested to buy a new entry ticket to re – enter the festival. Anyone caught with illegitimates regarding entry tickets or any other way to enter the festival (wristband fraud, climbing fences), will be prosecuted without exception.


Access to the festival grounds is prohibited or refused to people who:

  • Reject search upo n entry towards the festival;
  • Refuse to decl are objects that are considered to be dangerous or not allowed according to the Dreamfields México entry policy;
  • Are clearly under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or any o ther mind – expanding material;
  • Have been identified as possible threat to the sa fety of other visitors;
  • Have been ba nned from previous festivals;
  • Are believed to show intent to disturb peace or to p rovoke assault, hatred or rage.

The organization reserves the right to deny entry to visitors without a compelling reason. The organization reserves the right to refuse entry to or remove from the premises any person who causes annoyance or inconvenience to other visitors.


It is forbidden for all visitors of Dreamfields México to bring the following items:

  • Glass / bottles / sharp objects / explosives / fireworks / laser pens
  • Outside food and beverages
  • Umbrellas
  • Instruments
  • Chains / chain – wallets
  • Any weapon or dangerous objects which could inflict danger for other visitors
  • Drugs / narcotic s / mind – expanding substances
  • Deodorant, sunscreen or perfume in big bottles or sprays ( normal cosmetics are allowed)
  • Professional audio and/o r video/photography equipment
  • Every item that can be used to disturb the peace, endanger the safety and/or inflict da mage to visitors and/or goods
  • Nationalistic symbols / fascist symbols / football shirts / political expressi ons / balaclavas / MC jackets
  • Flyers, buttons, sticker s and other promotional items
  • Animals or pets
  • Access will be denied to those who do not follow these rules

Visitors can take the following items onto the festival site:

  • Non – professional photography equipment (any camera with a changeable lens is regarded as professional)
  • Small backpacks
  • Items in order to support visitors with a physical disability
  • Blankets / small beach towels
  • Cosmetic products, hair gel, deodorant roll – sticks
  • Cigarettes and lighters


On the festival grounds of Dreamfields México , it is strictly forbidden for all visitors to:

  • Enter the festival site without a valid ticket or organization’s admission
  • Enter the restricted areas (staff – only) of the festival
  • Climb fences, tents, tables, stages, decorative objects and o ther infrastructural objects
  • Obstruct evacuation routes
  • Promote products/services without strict permission of the organization
  • Disguise themselves to avoid being recognized, to disturb the peace and to compromise the safety of the general public
  • Sell drinks, food or any other product without the expres s consent of the organization
  • Smoke inside the tents
  • Harass/Intimidate/Viola te other visitors in any form
  • Conduct sexual/inappropriate behavior in public
  • Crowd surfing / stagediving

Visitors have to follow directions of the festival – staff or those people appointed by the organizer at all times on the festival grounds. Failure to comply will lead to removal from the festival. The ticket holder agrees to adhere to the conditions imposed by the o rganizer in relation to the peace and safety during the event. Visitors that have been removed from the festival, are not allowed back in, even if they are in possession of a new, valid tickets. Visitors that have been removed from the festival, will not g et a refund.


The organizer reserves the right to:

  • Stop/interrupt the festival at any time
  • Change the line – up, timetable or show at any time
  • Deny access to the festival site at any time

In all of the above, tickets will be non – refundab le nor exchangeable.


By attending Dreamfields México , every visitor gives their consent to the fact that he or she may be photographed, filmed or recorded and that these images can be registered and stored. The organizer can use thi s footage to promote Dreamfields México . Visitors are also recorded with an aim to ensure the security and safety of all visitors of Dreamfields México . If necessary, footage will be recorded and/or stored by the police. The processing of the images aims t o prevent crimes and violations of the terms and conditions at the festival site. Images can be used to track and/or identify perpetrators. Pictures and movies made by visitors may not be used for commercial or public purposes.


Dreamfields México cares for its environment and neighborhood. Therefore, we would like to ask all visitors to respect both the neighborhood and the natural environment. Keep everything as clean as possible and deposit garbage in one of the disposal – boxes o n the site. Please respect the neighborhood when leaving the festival. Do not urinate in public, keep calm and keep everything as

clean as possible. There are several toilets both on – site and off – site for visitors. Toilets are free to use and are cleaned o n a regular basis.


Tickets are strictly personal and non – transferrable. In case of loss or theft, tickets will not be refunded or replaced. Festival tickets cannot be resold. Therefore, only buy your tickets via the official tic ket sales points, indicated on www.dreamfields.com.mx . The line – up is subject to change. Best efforts are made to ascertain all acts, but cancellation or line – up changes can never be ground for a ticket refund. Forgery of a festival ticket is liable to prosecution. Festival tickets may never be used by third parties for promotional use, without written permission of the organization. Access to the festival site can be denied at all times by the organization.


Promotion via flyer dist ribution, stickers, guerrilla marketing, banners, posters or any other form of promotion is strictly forbidden on and around the festival. If you want to promote your event, contact us via [email protected]


Dreamfields México has a strict zero tolerance policy regarding drugs and drug paraphernalia. No drugs are allowed at the festival site. It is forbidden to use, distribute, buy, sell or be in the possession of drugs on the festival grounds. If you are caught with drug s, you will be forced to leave the festival. If the amount exceeds consumer – usage, you will be taken into custody by the local police. You may be searched upon entry. Refusal of search or if drugs are found on you, you will not access the festival site and depending on the amount, you will be taken into custody by the local police. Visitors that require certain medicines due to health problems, can take their medicines in a closed box, together with a doctor’s prescription/medical certificate to the entrance.


The organizers of Dreamfields México cannot be held accountable for damage, loss or theft nor for any other